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[Y/N] stood inside of her cafe. It was time to close up and she was just doing some last minute cleaning. The doors and windows were filled with finger prints,cake crumbs, and icing from the birthday party that was thrown for Ren-Senpai, and although it was fun while it lasted, [Y/N] wish sometimes that she wasn’t the only one who worked around the cafe. She even thought about having Kyouya-sensei help her out on his free hours as a barista. As she sprayed down the door, she noticed a figure on the other side; however, [Y/N] was not able to see past the soap bubbles.

“[Y/N]!” the voice called. “I know you are closing, but may I come in?”
[Y/N] wiped the bubbles on the glass door away, revealing a cheesy Ren, and welcomed him inside. [Y/N] examined him up and down as he walked inside the cafe, noticing that something was “off” from his appearance, but couldn’t tell what it was exactly.
Ren saw her puzzled look and beamed at her.

“Surprised?” He said while motioning towards his ears. “No earphones today!”
“W-what? But why?” [Y/N] questioned. She was shocked since Ren was always listening to music, sleeping somewhere. It was also a way to tune out the environment to be alone when he wasn’t feeling well. Those earphones were like his best friend. So why?

Ren smiled sheepishly at [Y/N] as he twirled his hair around his fingers. He could feel his heart pitter patter around his chest, blocking his throat from making any sound.

“B-b’cause I wanted-d to spend thime w’you...time” he admitted shyly, while cursing to himself. He wanted to appear cool and confident to [Y/N] for once, instead of always being the “lazy guy”, but now he feared that she might even think worse of him. Ren looked at her. She was still shining brightly in h...

... middle of paper ...

...e as she gently turned him to face her.

[Y/N] began, “Senpai. Yes you are someone who listens to music, and likes napping.. But that doesn’t mean you are just ‘some guy’. You are Ren. Ren-Sepai! And there is nothing wrong with you are. You don’t have to be someone else to spend time with me… because senpai.. I like you for you. We can nap, and listen to music, and I would still enjoy that time spent with you. Honestly!”

A tear rolled down from his eyes. His heart was slowly setting into a normal pace.
She continued..
“Senpai.. Would you like to nap with me?”

Ren’s heart filled with joy. To him, the best thing on Earth would be to nap, and to do so with the one in his heart.
He nodded in agreement as he laid his head on [Y/N]’s lap.
“As long as this is okay..” he whispered, finally feeling at ease.
“It is” [Y/N] replied softly, as she played with his hair.

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