Essay on I Keep Other People At A Distance

Essay on I Keep Other People At A Distance

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I keep other people at a distance, both physically and emotionally and thus limit my interactions with other people in all facets of my life. This has shaped my communication style as well as my personality or as the textbook defines it as “An individual 's characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and acting based on the traits he or she possesses.” (McCornack pg.90) This social anxiety colors my ideas about myself as well as my perception of others, which is the (p. 75) “The process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting information from our senses,” (McCornack pg.75) This leads to Self Fulfilling prophecies concerning judgements I make about people, or “Predictions about future encounters that lead us to behave in ways that ensure the interaction unfolds as we predicted.” (McCornack pg.41) which in turn fuels misunderstandings and greater social anxiety.

We all have a version of ourselves which we show to the world, this face that we show society or as our textbook defines it “The self we allow others to see and know; the aspects of ourselves we choose to present publicly.” (McCornack pg. 52) This social construct allows us to function and communicate with other people comfortably without much self-disclosure, which means “revealing private information about yourself to others.” (McCornack pg.63)

We use many tools to communicate with others the idea of who we are, this “nonverbal code that represents visual attributes such as body type, clothing, hair, and other physical features.” (McCornack pg. 229) is our physical appearance. There is also our valued social identities which are “The aspects of your public self that you deem the most important in defining who you are.” (McCornack pg. 362) in my case artist, wife, and l...

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...oseness and “union” that exists between us and our relationship partners.” (McCornack pg. 60, 225) Also with my husband I get a great feeling of Catharsis when I am able to share my feelings openly and honestly with him. Catharsis is explained as “Within the field of interpersonal communication, the assumption that openly expressing emotions enables you to purge them.” (McCornack pg 131)

In conclusion this course was highly informative as to the different methods of communication and relationship forming. There was much I learned about myself and my own behavioral issues which I had no idea there were names for. I believe this has allowed me to become a calmer and more empathic communicator. This course has challenged my comfort zones which keep me at arms length from everyone I come into contact with in hopes of creating more meaningful communication in the future.

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