I Just Want At Be Average ' By Mike Rose Essay

I Just Want At Be Average ' By Mike Rose Essay

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Immigrants come to America to seek a better life and receive a better education. America
is viewed as the country where you can obtain the American Dream. Although achieving the
American dream and trying to receive a proper education takes a lot of determination and it is
worth all the hard work. In the essay, ‘’I Just Want to be Average’’ By Mike Rose, Rose
discusses his life as a kid, and how he was accidentally placed in a vocational program in his
high school.Due to his parents, not knowing English well, it was hard for them to advocate and
speak out for their son . This essay summarizes how the education system makes a mistake by
putting Rose in vocational classes where he is forced to learn things at a slower pace. The theme
conveyed throughout this essay is struggle.
In the essay,’’I Just Want to be Average’’ by Mike Rose, Rose discusses how the
education system fails to help Mike Rose get out of a vocational based curriculum. Due to his
parents not knowing English that well, it was hard for them to effectively communicate to the
education system that he did not need to be placed in a vocational based curriculum. While being
taught a vocational based curriculum in his high school for two years, Mike Rose struggled with
the work and he endured a lot of bullying by his peers and teachers. The insults that Mike Rose
received from his classmates and fellow teachers were degrading to Mike. ‘’ Rose?’’ What the
hell kind of a name is that ?’’ Italian sir, I squeaked.’’ Italian!’’ Ho Rose, do you know the sound
of a bag of shit makes when it hits the wall. ( Rose ,346) Rose’s homeroom teacher, Brother Dill
was a disturbed man who lacked empathy.When kids were not paying attention in his class , they
would get shaken or smacked arou...

... middle of paper ...

...(Rose,349) This phrase is significant because
despite a situation a person is going through in their lives,you have to focus on your priorities
and work hard in everything you do. As a college student, I struggle with time management. I
struggle with managing my time because I have a part time job and I am a full time student. At
times, juggling both school work and having a job can be extremely difficult. But, I self motivate
myself and plan out my time so, I know when to complete what assignments when each day. Just
like Mike Rose, I have family members, friends and even my high school science teacher, who
continues to still have a significant impact on my life and help advise me on what it means to
focus on priorities and not let other people bring me down. People nowadays have the tendency
to want to fit into society 's expectations on what it means to be average.

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