Essay on I Interviewed For This Case Study Is My Friend Tj Russo

Essay on I Interviewed For This Case Study Is My Friend Tj Russo

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The person I interviewed for this case study is my friend TJ Russo. He is twenty one years old, he is 6’2 feet tall, weighs 175 pounds and only speaks english. When TJ was he started puberty at age 13 and stopped around age 16. TJ does not have any health issues, but was miss diagnosed with bipolar at age 6 and stopped taking the medication when he was 17. Throughout TJ life he has had hit some physical milestones like his talent for playing the guitar. TJ started playing the guitar at age 16 and is still playing today and developing his talent.
TJ Has been in the scarsdale schools education system from second grade to eleventh grade. During pre-school he went to preschool in RyeBrook new york. In kindergarden and first grade he attended school at everglades elementary school in florida. During eleventh grade TJ joined the BOCES program that scarsdale high school offered. BOCES stand for Board of Cooperative Educational Services. This program provides schools with alternative classes for students. Tj’s experience In BOCES was interesting because he was able to try out different subjects. He started with auto shop class but, realized he didn’t like building cars. Then he tried a cooking class and didn’t like that class too much. But then he signed up for a video production class. He really enjoyed this class because he was able to be creative with a camera and editing videos. During TJ’s years in high school he would have friends that were both girls and boys. Some of his friends would smoke and drink so this became a social habit when they would hangout. TJ started smoking cigarettes at age fifteen but, he quit at age 19 and is currently only using vaporizing mods where he can control the nicotine amount. TJ found a suitable d...

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...han enough money to support his family. TJ’s ethic background is caucasian. He does not know his exact culture because he was adopted and does not know his birth parents culture or background. TJ was raised catholic and was baptized, but he was able to make his own decisions during adolescents about his religion and currently does not believe in religion. TJ says that his view on religion is that people should not have to be defined as anything. He does not want to be labeled as any thing for not believing in any religion. He doesn’t resent other people for believing in their religions. He believes in being a good person and helping people in need with out Gods will.
TJ believes that his cultural and religious experiences do not change or impact him at all. This does not affect the way he lives his life and he just focuses on helping others and being a good person.

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