I Hear The Word Racism Essay

I Hear The Word Racism Essay

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When I hear the word racism, negative thoughts begin to arise in my head. This topic seems to be a difficult topic to discuss, especially with my African American peers. When this word begins to spill out of my mouth makes me feel uneasy. I don’t not like to create hostile words or actions because I am a firm believer in peace. The problem with the word racism is the reactions behind it. Many of us may say the wrong words towards others that are part of a different race. We may have no intention to harm them, but their hostility towards us may become stronger because of unintentional words that were said such as stereotypes that have been created. It isn’t easy to discuss the topic and issues of racism because there is no communication or openness to talk to one another about it.
According to Dr. Lisa J. Cohen, Ph.D., racism is a specific form of prejudice, involving prejudicial attitudes or behavior towards members of an ethnic group. We all see people differently, especially those of a different race than us. Even though we may label or stereotype different ethnic groups, we must understand why we do so. We have to understand that it is part of our psychological thinking and it affects each and every one of us despite our race. Racism isn’t something that is always taught or learned. It can evolve through human development such as creating stereotypes.
No one likes to be offended by another because it creates an aggressive environment. Most of us have the intention to have peace among one another and by doing that we create relationships. When strong relationships are created, most of us try to avoid discussing issues or ideas that may offend another person. This is not the right way to create a strong bond with another person...

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...nk that I would talk to one of Washington University’s highly praised doctors and be able to discuss the issues of racial divide. I have already taken one step forward and it is so important that the rest of us do so.
Hatred and violence are truly unnecessary in situations of racism. It only creates more problems and less solutions. As a school, a community, a city and as a nation, we must unite together to create solutions that will put an end to racial division because we cannot continue to be divided any longer. The golden rule calls for us to be kind to one another and treat each other as we would want to be treated. We can all use our skills, talents, intelligence, and courage to make this world a better place where all of us are united with harmony. We must remember that we are all brothers and sisters united in the dignity of humanity and we must protect it.

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