Essay about I Hear The Word Professional Teacher

Essay about I Hear The Word Professional Teacher

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When I hear the word Professional Teacher, I immediately think back to all my teachers that helped me succeed and graduate high school. To me a professional teacher is to be able to teach the children how to be respectful to others, teach them how important it is for them to always be honest, and most importantly to keep in mind that I am their role model. A person whom they will look up to for the entire year. For this specially reason I will strive my hardest to be a very professional teacher.
I as a teacher I will gain the trust of my students and parents since the very first day of school. I will demonstrate a great impression of myself on the very first day that the students and parents come into my classroom. This will have a lot to say because what parents see is that I am going to be the one that will be teaching their child. I also believe that being a responsible teacher has a lot to do with dress code. A teacher should never show up to work in clothes that is not profession. I always strive to look my best for when it comes to work because I see parents every day and the children also notice the attire that you are wearing. For example, I always get ready in the morning and fix my hair, and do my make up so that I can look fresh for my students every morning. One day I was feeling under the weather and had been sick the night before. I showed up to work still with my nice dress but with no makeup. When the students showed up to class they immediately started to ask me if I was okay or if I wasn’t feeling good. I never thought that they paid attention to how I looked till that day. Another thing for being a professional teacher to me is that, I should always be on time for work. This advantage will give me enough time t...

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...r of reading in front of everyone. A professional teacher will use student’s personal information to help the student out. I will not relies any confidential information that is shared with me to anyone at any given time. A sting thing that I believe is to keep the parents involved in their child’s school work. I will always communicate with the parents to let them know how their child is doing and if they need any help from me I will assist them as well.
Finally to me being a professional teacher is to keep the student engaged in whatever it is that you are teaching them. I want the students to grasp what I am trying to teach them and for them to learn from it. I will try to always make learning fun for them and proved them with fun activates. My students will always want to come to school to learn every day. This to me is what I call being a professional teacher.

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