I Have The Pleasure Of Knowing Carol Since She Arrived As A Freshman Last Fall

I Have The Pleasure Of Knowing Carol Since She Arrived As A Freshman Last Fall

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• I have had the pleasure of knowing Carol since she arrived as a freshman last fall. We worked very closely with one another on various Cap&Bells productions together. This year, Carol has served as my Associate Production Manager on the Cap&Bells board, assisting me in ensuring that all productions run smoothly and are executed per appropriate timetables and safety requirements. I’ve also had the pleasure of interacting with Carol outside of the work that we do together and have come to trust her as a confidante. She has the uncanny ability to make me laugh, to make me think, and to make me wonder about myself and the world. She can turn serious situations into opportunities for learning, for growth, and for a little bit of fun too. I’m glad Carol has become a part of my life—not just as a colleague, but as a close friend as well.
2. List three character traits with brief description that come to mind about this applicant with a brief description about why you chose these traits.
• Collected: Carol has a very strong emotional compass that keeps her grounded in the realities of a situation and in her own emotions. I have witness firsthand her ability to maintain her composure in the toughest of times. I believe that this skill will serve her very well as she takes on the many challenges of an entry throughout the course of her year.
• Humorous: Carol has a great sense of humor and she always uses it in such a positive way. She can find the light in stressful situations, and has a knack for spreading her positivity and laughter to other individuals. I’ve often found myself in need of some brightness in my day and Carol has always been around to provide that positivity. I believe humor is a wonderful skill to have as a JA because t...

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...will never fully support people of color until it starts to adapt and to critically re-make itself. And that’s a process that starts with choosing people who are in this for the benefit of others. Not the people who “look like JAs” (whatever that even means); not the people who take “all the right steps” (another ridiculous, undefined notion); not the people who do this for the prestige; not the people who find power in a shirt. It is my hope that this year, this committee does a better job of selection than it ever has before. You hold, in your hands, the experiences of all the frosh of color who arrive to campus this fall with high hopes. Please don’t allow their experiences to continue a trend of isolation and disappointment that many of us have felt, and continue to feel, in this community. Progress and change begin with you and the candidates you choose endorse.

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