I Have Made Multiple Decisions That Have Altered My Life Course Essay

I Have Made Multiple Decisions That Have Altered My Life Course Essay

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Yes I have made multiple decisions that have altered my life course—many were made recently and more are coming soon. Living on my own property with my abusive mother like I am now has become a near impossible task due to the strain on my psychological and emotional stability; I’m debating on what to do about her while I stay with my grandmother during these last few weeks of school, until my new mouse infestation is taken care of. Renting out my house is out of the question now until I 'm able to get rid of the mice, get doors on the bathroom, fix the backdoor, insulate the walls, repair the ceiling, replace the gas stove with an electric one: the counter, sink, and cabinets also require updating. I also intend to kick my horrible mother off my land and into her own house that she owns out in the country due to the fact I wish to sell the RV I’m allowing her to live. It has reached the breaking point for me: I cannot continue to live in a place where all the people who should be helping and genuinely caring are abusing me verbally and psychologically. If I’m going to be able to continue to work towards my goal of a master’s degree in fine arts with an emphasis in graphic design/new media arts, I need to move into a dorm or attempt to participate online courses while I live with my best friend and her parents in Louisiana.
These choices could dramatically alter my future and my ability to visit my little half-brother and half-sister. Disownment, abuse, and monetary issues are the three major issues that are active presently that are hindering my ability to concentrate on my homework, ability to sleep, and my health. I’m sick and tired of being “treated [as if I were] less than infertile dirt… [and] that a 6-month-old, untrained, ...

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...hey are doing it, etc.—the average four year old will ask around four hundred and thirty (430) questions a day—all in the hopes of growing their knowledge in relation to them and furthering their likeness to the other person(s), minus the everlasting search they go on for common logic but I digress. Consequently, by altering themselves to mimic the role-models, they are changing how they will approach future accomplishments, failures, setbacks, as well as other people and what they are going through.
Each and every person on this planet has the ability to change the course of humanity with their influence on others, especially those who are more impressionable. You could cause another to evolve into a negative or positive being, cause another to stay here longer or end themselves within the hour. Pick your words carefully and think about your actions before you act.

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