I Have Made An Exciting Discovery Essay example

I Have Made An Exciting Discovery Essay example

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Recently, I have made an exciting discovery. I have been in the United States for ten years now. Six of those ten years, I have been at U of D. That is the majority of time in the US of A!Until now, I had never been in one school for more than two and half years. Six years at U of D was a big transition. Coming in as a seventh grader, I was blessed to have known some people from the soccer team, which met a few weeks prior. Even more lucky was I that I went into the school with my brother. Having him with me made entering such a big school so much easier. Having had to come to the school many times before because my dad worked there, I cannot say I was a complete stranger to the school. I had familiarized myself strongly with the language lab, a.k.a. The computer lab. As for the rest of the school, I was pretty much the same as everyone else: clueless. Of course I had no choice in the decision of going to this high school. The rule is if your dad works there, you’re going there, no questions asked. And I did not ask any. When I entered, I was accepted by so many great new friends, 47 I believe of them still remain as part of my graduating class: my fellow six year men.
U of D has shaped a great portion of who I am as a person. My values, morals, faith, service, identity all have been dramatically strengthened and built by this high school. Before U of D, of course I had never heard of AMDG, Grad at Grad, Men for Others, or Magis. These terms yet have grown to be the cornerstone of who I am today. I was a nice person, at least I think so, but there is a difference clear interstice between being a nice person and being a Man for Others. It is all about how and why you do the things you do. A nice person bases his actions on being a...

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...ems of the world and what I can do to help - one of these way is to live the Magis, the more. U of D prides itself on being about more than an education, because it is. It encourages students to get involved; to meet new people; to think outside the box, as Mr. Malls encouraged me with his ways to end poverty project. U of D wants students to go out into the world with a Grad at Grad flamethrower and set the world on fire. Senior service is one of the greatest ways I believe our school has helped us do this. It has made me more able to see God’s love in the lives of people who are not as blessed as many of us. It has helped us to see where in the world needs fixing, where needs God’s grace. We arm formed to be Men for Others. The meaning was blurry for me as I started U of D, but now, I can honestly say I can go out into the next stage of my life as a Man for Others.

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