I Have Learned Throughout My Internship Essay

I Have Learned Throughout My Internship Essay

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The one main truth that I have learned throughout my internship, regardless the lesson of the grade being taught is that every student learns differently; and as the teacher I am charged with the task of meeting the needs of every learner. This has proven to be more challenging than not but I have found that students learn in three primary ways; kinesthetically, visually or auditory. Within this particular unit plan, I put forth the most effort in making sure that each one of my topics were covered in a way that all three of these type learners could understand. The topics I presented in this plan consisted of Solving Unit Rates, Proportional or Non-proportional Relationships between two quantities and Solving Proportions.
I have found that one challenge educators struggle with is reaching each student in the manner that he or she best understands any material. The two main learning differences that I experienced in my internship classroom were that some students enjoy and benefit from hands-on activities while others like to visualize the material. Not only is it difficult at times to reach every student with the format they best understand but there are also some students that would be rated “above average” and some “below average” which adds to the challenge of presenting the lesson in an understandable fashion. While teaching this unit, I was able to incorporate each one of the learning styles to help reach the students different needs.
One of the objectives in this unit for the students to learn dealt with unit rates and where they might encounter them in everyday life. I had the students to create real life unit rates from sales paper ads from Dollar General, Piggly Wiggly and Fred’s. The students had to find three items...

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...t any other time. I was amazed at the diversity found in this classroom due to the fact that before I began student teaching, I didn’t really think about the different ways a student learns and retains material. Now actually seeing it firsthand made me realize just how important it is to try and incorporate ways to address each learning style with all students. The one challenge regarding student diversity in the classroom is making sure I try to meet all the needs of the students. Making sure that students benefit from and learn the material that is being taught to them is a struggle because students learn in so many different ways. One student may learn by activities versus another students may learn by lecturing. It is important as a future teacher that I make sure that students needs are being met and that they can understand the material being taught to them.

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