I Have Learned About Learning

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Learning is one of the most important concepts that I hold dear to my heart. In order to advance in life that is something you must be able to do. I have learned many different things from various places, but in this year alone, I have learned a tremendous amount of material in honors English 1301. Not only did my professor, Mrs. Minkel, give me the tools needed to make successful scholarly papers, although it came with some challenges, she also provided her students with the tools needed to be a great student overall. As a student, I have learned many different skills that I will take with me throughout my journey from this course. We have traversed many different types of writing styles, which any college student, or any person for that matter will need to be successful, and all of those styles came with many different skills. I have always been a good reader so my reading skills could only increase a tiny bit, but that tiny bit changed the way I analyzed literature. My professor strongly advised that we read a piece of work multiple times, and doing so allowed me to analyze different works in great detail. Not only did my reading skills improve, I also gained strong research skills due to one of our research projects. Our sources were limited but yet, the way in which I was taught let me obtain tons of information from a insubstantial amount of evidence. Those skills will be useful in any type of setting in which I choose to pursue a career in. Jumping into the world of a responsible college student forced to me shed a lot of my old habits from high school, but there were still a few bad habits that I could not shake. English composition has always been a weak point for me. I despised the thought of having to write down my t... ... middle of paper ... ... writing tool, a tool which I will also be filing away for future use. The journey through English 1301 was a lengthy one, but it proved to be a great learning experience. During my first semester of college, I felt like this course overshadowed all the others. I faced many challenges, gained better habits, and even increased the value of myself as a scholar. Not only did my professor provide her students with the course material she built a confidence inside of us that will allow us to be able to tackle any task, especially pertaining to any written compositions. The things that I have learned from this course could and will be applied to any and everything I do from here on out, whether that writing an essay or even taking a test. Again, the journey was long, but I will be forever grateful for the things that I, and all of my peers have gained from this course.
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