Essay on I Have Learned A Lot About Writing

Essay on I Have Learned A Lot About Writing

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Reflection Letter
During the semester I have learned a lot about writing. The last time I had written a paper of any kind was over 5 years ago so relearning everything was both challenging and rewarding. There were many opportunities within this class to work towards improving my writing skills. It is important to realize that by improving those skills I was also working towards fully understanding the SLOs. For this paper the skills I will be focusing on are things such as planning, researching, citing, using the correct tone, and reflecting on how these tools will be useful in the future. The five SLOs I have chosen to write about are SLOs that I feel I have progressed in successfully but could still use to improvement in some form.

Writing as a Process: SLO C
For me, SLO C means the process of using different methods of planning, researching and revising to improve the quality of your work. Throughout the course of this class there have been many times that we have had the chance to plan out or work. During sequence two of this class, we ultimately had to write a proposal for the community but before we wrote it we had to write two LSAs. These LSAs helped me with planning out my proposal as well as helping me find different research for each LSA. The first LSA we wrote in this sequence focused on the problem that we intended to write for the proposal while the second LSA focused on what type of solutions have been tried in the past to fix the problem. These were both very different LSAs that needed different types of research. The research for the first LSA focused on my issue as well as why it was an issue. For this I focused on finding statistics, medical facts, and definitions. For the LSA 4 I needed to research legislati...

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...fully not hate it as much.
This semester has been both trying and fun. I never noticed or payed attention on how well I have progressed in each SLO but now that I am reflecting back on my work I feel that I have developed a lot in my writing. Planning and researching has always come easy for me but it was nice to be given the opportunity to work towards all the LSAs and MWAs in the class. This made it easier to research topics and learn how to properly cite individual’s ideas we used in the class. When switching from genre to genre, I noticed that I had thought I was doing worse than I actually was. This was exciting to learn and gave me confidence in my work. There is always room for improvement with all the SLOs but I can confidently go through the rest of my college degree knowing that even after five years I am not the horrible writer I thought I was.

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