Essay about I Have Gained Insight And Knowledge About My Future Career Choice

Essay about I Have Gained Insight And Knowledge About My Future Career Choice

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Having the opportunity to observe and work in classes while interview a teacher, I have gained insight and knowledge about my future career choice. It was a great experience that has done nothing but help myself become better educated about the daily life of teachers and the working classrooms. During my time in the classroom, I learned more about the children as well as the profession of teaching. It was an experienced that opened my eyes to the actual reality of teaching. Having the chance to sit down and interview a teacher, I learned more about the assessments that are so important, the struggles that go along with the career and what is needed from myself to become a well rounded educator.
I had the opportunity to not only sit in but also help out in a kindergarten classroom. The classroom teacher I stayed with for the day has been teacher for 8 years and a substitute teacher for a year and half. She graduated from The University of Findlay and got her masters at Bowling Green University. Upon graduation, she hoped to teach either second or third but got hired in as a kindergarten teacher. In the interview, I asked if she had the chance to do it all over again, would she. She said out of the seven sections, she would be the only one to do it again in a heartbeat. She absolutely loves the age, smiles, and the freedom with the creativity she can do with the students while teaching. Mrs. Pugh, loves this level of children and all the light bulb moments that come to children. The growth, from coming into the classroom knowing very little, to leaving the classroom knowing so much. Throughout the interview, I learned there are many rewarding factors in the education career, there are many challenges you first have to go through...

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... always be a demanding and stressful job. For myself, I rather have the stress coming from the older children rather than the younger children. In my interview, Mrs., Pugh said that even though she loves teacher kindergarten, she does not believe she will be able to teach it all 30 years. She said she will have to eventually move up grades because kindergarten is so physically demanding. I love the learning environment in the Elementary classroom, but the constant test and assessments that are being tested and the demand of the children is just not the career I want to follow. Without the interview and experiences in the classroom, I would have never been able to completely make up my mind.
I am very glad I have been able to partake in field experience. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about the children, classroom environment and useful information about teaching.

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