I Have A Fascination For Literature Essay

I Have A Fascination For Literature Essay

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I have always had a fascination for literature. It in essence, resulted in my choosing to major in English, and possibly pursue a career teaching Mythology. My decision to solely major in English changed when I saw the reoccurring and still arising issue of black people being unjustly killed by law enforcement. The first thing that came to mind, was being fearful for my family’s well-being. Secondly, an array of questions arose, for instance: “Why?” “How can we stop this?” “Can it even be stopped?”. The helplessness that I had felt and continue to feel, pushed me to double major in Sociology.
From the many things that I love about sociologists, one would be how they look at the root of a problem and take into account what factors are causing the problem. Rather than immediately putting the blame on the problem. Academically, my goal is to research as much that I can on issues that the marginally oppressed face and provide explanations into why these issues even exist. This past year, I had taken a Sociology course on ethnic groups in contemporary society. In this class, I had the pleasure of partaking in a project with the organization S.LI.C.E.S. (Service Learning Initiative for Community Engagement in Sociology). Doing so, I was involved in a service learning project with a fellow community partner in the organization, The National Coalition of 100 Black Women. My group’s goal was to research why black women were continuing to proceed in the cycle of the prison pipeline. With our findings, we discovered that there were two main social factors that were pushing these women into the criminal justice system: poverty and social disorganization within their communities. Furthermore, black women were being arrested for non-violent c...

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...nancial stability to proceed with research. I believe that the McNair program would be beneficial towards aiding me in wanting to continue research for graduate school and possibly researching professionally. If accepted, I’d like to focus my research on debunking the mythology of hypermasculinity in black men and its lasting effects. From researching, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of insightful research on the dehumanization of black men due to them being hypermasculinized. For my research, I’d like to primarily focus on the fetishization put upon black men due to their masculinity, and if they face any emotional effects from this. Overall, I believe that I can highly succeed with my research if given the chance to be in the program. Ideally, I might not be able to impact the world significantly, but hopefully my research someday can inspire or influence someone

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