Essay on I Have A Dream By Martin Luther King

Essay on I Have A Dream By Martin Luther King

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Everything changed in August 1963. America was mesmerized with the famous speech “I Have a Dream” delivered by Martin Luther King. People from all over the nation gathered for one single motive, social justice, and with that citizens of the United States yearned hope for a better tomorrow; a tomorrow in which they could see a breaking dawn to a day full up roaring opportunities for everyone disregarding their ethnic background, gender, sexual preference, or economic standing. This soon led to what is now known as “The American Dream.” America’s reputation for being the land of endless possibilities has captured both foreign attention as well as native patriotism. Success here in America is defined as having a good social position and a plethora of belongings. In some cases “The American Dream” is viewed as more than wealth. It is viewed as an opportunity to reach fame. Inclusive, such beliefs have been incorporated in the Declaration of Independence, which exhibits the ideologies of equal opportunity and sovereignty, making it seem as if fame and wealth are within everyone’s reach. Currently, the ambiguity of whether or not “The American Dream” is still alive is emerging. In this paper I will demonstrate how propaganda plays a key role in making it seem as if “The American Dream is still alive by deceptively promising upward social mobility and integration into society through the use of advertising techniques such as patriotism.
First off, advertisements aim to deceive United States inhabitants into thinking that they can move up the social stratification. Jack Solomon, a semiotician depicts, “Americans, dream of rising above the crowd, of attaining a social summit beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. And therein lies the par...

... middle of paper ...

... longer such thing as “The American Dream.”
Based on the close analyzation of two different advertisements one can conclude that marketing means promote the false belief that “The American Dream” still endures by using patriotism to allure customers into thinking that to belong and to attain upward social mobility they must buy their products. What once started as a dream of an activist lost its meaning throughout time. Before, this concept was a journey rather than a destination. Martin Luther King gave hope to the hopeless. He inspired the oppressed to seek a better way of life. A better way of life signified winning over people’s respect. Now, a better way of life is considered having luxuries and fame. Now “The American Dream” is solely a notion without meaning, without an accurate representation other than that false depiction portrayed by companies.

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