I Had The Privilege Of Observing Mr. Kuttorhead 's First Grade Inclusive Class At Pleasant Valley Elementary School

I Had The Privilege Of Observing Mr. Kuttorhead 's First Grade Inclusive Class At Pleasant Valley Elementary School

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I had the privilege of observing Mr. Kuttorhead’s first grade inclusive class at Pleasant Valley Elementary School. There are a total of 21 students in his class, Mr. Kutterhead informed he that there are six students in his class that have learning disabilities. The categories of disabilities I observed are ADHD, Autism, speech impairment and reading difficulties. Many of the characteristics I observe are behavior, social, emotional and cognitive abilities. Many of the special needs students that are placed in inclusive classroom are dealing with the challenges of focusing which sometimes leads to behavioral issues. Some of the students I observe have cognitive disabilities that effect how they learn and need special services to accommodate for their learning styles. This observation allowed me to open my eyes and make countless connections to the concepts I am learning in SPED 105. It is understood that a general education teacher is going to have a variety of abilities in their inclusive classroom. I’m aware that it is the teacher job to take the time to learn about each of their students, know their strengths and focus on them in order to for your teaching practices to be effective. I find this true to work for all students not only those under IDEA or 504.
I attended a hearing accommodation presentation at East Stroudsburg University that was put together by the Sign Language Club where I learned about on the challenges individuals face with hearing issues and ways to accommodate for that in the classroom. The presentation was delivered by a panel of individuals who have a hearing disability and explained what accommodations and approaches their teachers implanted helped them to reach their educational goals. What I took mos...

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...Mr. Kutterhead provided a good example of him encourage parent involvement during my observation he explained that he was going to send out a letter to the parents explaining how the class as a whole is doing a great job on their assessment and asking that the parents get their child on the computer program to practice their math and English skills at home. I easily noticed that Mr. Kutterhead values parent input and involvement in the classroom, and creates ways to empower home-school communication. It is so important that Teachers and parents have open lines of communication and collaborate on what the child needs to be successful in and out of school. When a child is in an inclusive classroom it is extremely important for the parent and teacher to have a complete understanding of one another and build a positive relationship that supports inclusion for the child.

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