I Had An Opportunity For Life Essay

I Had An Opportunity For Life Essay

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If you asked a group of individuals to consider life as whole, no one person would have the same perception as the other, for life is something to be interpreted in a countless number of different ways. I would not claim that I have had a set view on life, it is an ever-changing spectrum of what ifs and infinite possibilities with chances and opportunities hanging over you like a dense cloud ready to disintegrate. The choices you make and the opportunities you take shift the direction your life is heading in which ultimately makes you an author of a unique book, which is your life. I had an opportunity: I took it. I was given a choice: I made it. It was a choice with no regrets.
My idea of life is a timeline with tiny dots planted on it, each dot being symbolic of a very particular moment or event that took place at a very precise time on said timeline. There is an endless timeline with approximately seven billion smaller ones within it reminding me that each day is lived in seven billion different ways by seven billion different people. I find comfort in knowing that my way of living is unique to my own timeline and the choices I make shape my book for I 'm the author of my very own novel.
I made a choice in my life. It is not one of the cliché life-changing choices that you make which ultimately alter your train of thoughts. My thoughts are significant to me and I am not going to change them to suit any given circumstances. There was a person and within that person was a whole another timeline waiting to be explored.
If you asked me several months ago if there was a purpose in waiting for opportunities to come instead of looking for them I would 've told you that opportunities are there to chase after like a dog chasing a rabb...

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...live and keep on breathing but a journey of self-discovery and adventures. What really connected the two of us was a passion for the same thing and a mutual understanding of each other 's struggles. It is as if I met another me. A somewhat better version of me, somebody I have always aspired to be but could not.
There is an ever-growing population on our planet and there are seven billion lives happening all at the same time. The planet is tiny, there are so many things yet to be discovered and there are so many adventures yet to be had. An opportunity came to me and I took it. I am an elated person, I feel the positive emotions and I found a purpose. Out of seven billion different people I met that one person who I was subconsciously looking for my entire life and I have never felt more fulfilled. I feel like I got lucky because some die looking for a hand to hold.

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