I Had A Solid Basic Knowledge Of Psychology Essay

I Had A Solid Basic Knowledge Of Psychology Essay

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Enrolling in this class, I believed I had a solid basic knowledge of psychology that would assist me throughout the semester, however, just reading the first page proved how wrong I was. My initial perception of psychology was similar to that of psychology before the 1900s, as the textbook states. I focused on the psychoanalysis of mind and soul, theories on consciousness and exactly what that entails, unaware that the definition of psychology had been altered long before I had begun to study Freud and his Id, Ego, and Superego.
The fact that psychology has shifted so drastically to become a proper science surprised me, as I had always known it as a study of theories, but it also made more sense as I continued to read. Amongst intellectuals, evidence is king, and there is no possible way to gain evidence of a soul or spirit. On the other hand, the human brain and its functions can be measured, through recorded observations and tasks with quantitative or qualitative properties. As a relatively new field of study, psychology has the task of proving itself worthy of recognition in the...

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