I Had A Good Homeschool Christian Kid

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In January 2011, my friend James and I had a conversation I will never forget. I had just arrived home from youth group. I remember entering the dark house and heading up the stairs to a burst of light that awaited me. My parents were watching TV so I rushed passed them in hopes they wouldn’t talk to me. The house was warm but it still felt cold. Something didn’t seem right to me. I hadn’t yet done my daily check of Facebook (what else was there to do in 8th grade?), so I hopped on the computer. I had a message James. “Hey, I need to talk,” he said. “Sure, what about?” I replied. “I hate my parents,” he said. Now James was a good homeschool Christian kid. We knew each other since the 1st grade. We grew up in the same small town and lived on the same block. We were an inseparable duo, always at each other’s house. I knew his house just as much as he did. Always the same musty smell and damp feel that permeated the basement; and course the blast of heat that would hit you as soon as you began to walk up the stairs. He also knew my house just as well as I did. He was always very random and self-attention oriented. If you didn’t know him well you might think he was joking about hating his parents; but I knew him just as much as he knew himself. This meant that I knew he was serious. “Why do you hate them?” I asked. “My dad told me to take out the trash this afternoon and I didn’t do it. So when he got home he yelled at me, even though I told him I forgot to do it,” he replied. “So what’s your problem?” I asked. James was many things, but he wasn’t logical. Over the many years we knew each other, James attempted many things that were irrational (not limited to painting the orange tip of an air-soft gun black in order to scare an... ... middle of paper ... ...ut then I thought of the story of Joseph. Joseph went through awful things but God used it for good “Sometimes it’s God’s plan for us to go through hard times but you can’t give up. He has a plan.” “I doubt it, I may as well kill myself,” he responded. My heart was falling apart but I could feel the Holy Spirit inside me like never before. I had never had a conversation like this with someone and I never thought I’d be having it with James. “Don’t talk like that,” I said. “Why not? You don’t even care about me.” I was on the verge of tears. I was realizing how much my actions in the past was coming back to haunt me. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was being such a horrible person and now the fate of a human beings life was in my hands. “James, don’t do this, you know there are people who care for you,” I said. “Yeah, sure, whatever. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.”

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