Essay on I Got Down At My Textbook

Essay on I Got Down At My Textbook

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I looked down at my textbook, not really caring to listen to what the teacher was saying. I had learned this all the previous year because I was forced to repeat eleventh grade. It 's not because I had bad grades but I did miss most of the second half of the year because of some family issues. I was the only 11th grader out of the entire class last year to be held back so now all my friends were senior 's getting ready to head off to college. Well I wouldn 't exactly call them my friends. It was more like I was just kind of there so we hung out but as soon as we were in two separate grades they kind of abandoned me. Which I get. It would be tough for them to go out of their way to talk to someone who doesn 't share the same classes as them.
The problem was none of the rising tenth graders knew me so they didn 't talk to me either. They all were in their own clicks already and had their own friends so it was tough to find people to hang out with. It probably doesn 't help that the entire school thinks I 'm some kind of delinquent who goes around town punching little kids or something also.
Okay the last part was a bit of a stretch but as the rumor spread it took different appearances. One person would tell you I had slept with a teacher and got her fired and another would tell you that I have been kicked out of my house for attacking my parents. It all had the same effect of keeping people away from me because none of them actually knew me. After the second week of school I stopped bothering to keep up with them and just let it go. The damage was done and there was no way to undo it. So here I am halfway through my second year of junior year, trying my hardest not to fall asleep in class and breezing through my classes. W...

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... it wouldn 't have happened. Next time try and think worth that cinder block of a head you have."
Now I was pissed. Who the hell did this guy think he was anyways. Here I was apologizing and the guy not only didn 't ask if I was okay but was insulting me. It wasn 't even that hard of a hit. I got up and pushed past him and headed toward my locker. I grabbed my wallet from it and headed back for the exit. The guy had headed off the other direction toward where the science labs where.
I walked back to the entrance and out into the parking lot where I saw Melanie and a few guys hanging out around a couple trucks. I recognized them all from the football team but only knew Kerry by name. After Melanie introduced me to them we all got into the two trucks and drove off. I smiled as I notice how Melanie had made sure that Jason and I would have to sit next to each other.

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