Essay on I Found That Sesame Street : The Tv Program

Essay on I Found That Sesame Street : The Tv Program

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I found that Sesame Street: the TV program which is designed to be "educational", combines the basic knowledge of basic reading, arithmetic, color names, letters and numbers with children through various expressions such as puppetry, animation and live performance. And sometimes it also teaches some basic knowledge of life. It has been broadcast from 1969 to date. Also, it has 46 quarters and more than 4,000 episodes. Compared to Sesame Street, SpongeBob is not suitable for the early childhood (3-8 year-old) audience to view, probably because of rude language, bad humor, mild violence, or content for children under the age of 7 is too horrible or too controversial, so it may not be categorized as educational.
In fact, I do not know much about the most popular media apps for age group of 3-8 year-old. However, from my perspective, “My talking Tom” is a game, which is the most popular for the preschoolers. This app belongs to the game app. Tom is a pet cat. He can respond when the user touches, and with a funny voice to repeat the user 's words. The user can touch him, poke him with his finger, hit him with a fist or catch his tail.
In my opinion, watching TV can promote children 's language development, and expanding their vocabulary. The early childhood period is the language acquisition period, television show 's pronunciation standards, music, and vivid picture can better attract children to imitate and understand, so that it can improve kids ' language skills. Infants watching television will also try to know and understand the picture, which helps the brain development. However, watching television affects physical development. If children are obsessed with television, maybe the television will affect their vision and hearing...

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...leasantly surprised that some parenting APP can not only help parents take full advantage of debris time, enrich child-raising knowledge, and raise the level of childcare, but also can cultivate children 's self-learning interest and inspire children unlimited potential. There is a kind of apps, which has a strong interaction I want to recommend. Both parents and children can participate in playing, so that the parent-child relationship will be more harmonious.

Finally, I recommend that parents respect children use the media. Parents should accept the fact that children rely on the media, allowing them to make mistakes properly, and seek reflection and transcendence from mistakes. It is better for parents to play with children, so that they can laugh together and confused together. Thus, parents can experience and solve the children 's growing up troubles together.

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