I First Met My Dad Essay

I First Met My Dad Essay

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I first met my dad on September 15th, 1997. The day was rainy and unusually cold for that time of the year however the room inside the Newton Community hospital was encompassed in warmth. I was my parents third child and as my two elder siblings waited, too young to understand the significance of birth, I was passed from the nurse to my mother and than finally to my father. Almost 18 years later the arms that my father use to hold me in as an infant have now fostered pain, joy, anger, compassion, sadness, vulnerability, but more importantly love. Although, his touch is firm, his shoulder stores a tender familiarity for all his children. My dad is the epitome of a family’s man, an outstanding member of the community, and he has set the standard of living throughout my life.
My father grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and at age 14 he was nudged to go to boarding school from his parents. He attended Avon Old Farms for four years where he fell in love with lacrosse. Succeeding high school he attended Bucknell University, where he not only played lacrosse but also met my mother. They quickly got married after college and had their first baby even quicker. Almost three years later my life began and that is when my father left a permanent imprint within my mind. I grew up watching and paid heed to how my father interacted within and outside my family. And when I was by myself, I mimicked all of his slight gestures and cheesy humorous phrases just to get a smile from a neighbor. He taught me the importance of bringing happiness to others regardless of how small the gesture is. It is amazing to stand in the shadow of a man that can see goodness in all and have untainted goodness in his heart.
I look back to the saddest moments in my lif...

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...e in my grief. I grasped the hand with firmness in order to propel myself from the darkness into an embrace of light. I cannot stress enough the affect my father has had on my life, especially in the last 6 months of my life. I am on the verge on adulthood and independence, his guidance is the reason I harbor confidence and optimism in my future. I am now devoting my life to replicating the same feeling of appreciation I had for my father in that one moment. I want to help people that are in need of emotional support and recite to them from the mountain that peaks their dreary valley that they too are not alone. I know in my heart that if I follow his lead on how to live life only goodness can be cultivated. My father’s impact is immeasurable and never ending. When I have a family I can only hope that my son is able to hold me in the same esteem I hold my father.

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