I First Entered The Maet Program My Goal

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When I first entered the MAET program my goal was to learn how to use technology. I wanted to learn about all the latest technologies that were out there. I wanted to learn where to go to find these technologies. My goal was to stay ahead of the curve and always be at the leading edge when every new technology was released. This was exciting to me as the next new technology was always an unknown. What new gadget or program was around the corner inspired my interests. As I progressed through the MAET program my goals changed. My thoughts about technology and what I wanted to get out of it or how I saw it being implemented in my classroom changed. My role and goals as a teacher using technology changed as well. My emphasis shifted from the tool (technology) to the goal or mission (learning). The further I advanced through the MAET program the clearer my goal became. Enhancing student learning is now my goal. Arriving at this goal has changed my entire approach as an educator and how I use technology in my classroom to enhance student learning and as a tool in my daily life. At the start of the MAET program many of the initial lesson revolved around demonstrating proficiency with different software and programs and understanding how to perform specific tasks on ones computer. This seemed very practical to me at the time. Very quickly the emphasis shifted from the tools to the goal. Enhancing student learning was the goal. The key to enhancing student learning was not technology. The key to enhancing student learning was good teaching. Good teaching and instructional practices always have a greater impact on student learning than any technology might. The most positive effects on student learning occurred when instructional elements... ... middle of paper ... ...arning. By making these changes I strongly feel that no problem could remain unsolved. My studies and learning as a result of the MAET program of change me as an educator and as a person. I see now my goal as missional and directed to enhance student learning. Being an effective educator and individual requires great amounts of reflection. One must continually examine their actions and the reasons for them. Technology will never replace good teaching. Good teaching is a balance of many types of knowledge such as technological pedagogical content knowledge. Failure must be turned into learning opportunities. This is incredibly important in our education system if society intends to solve its wicked problem. I now see myself not just as an educator but an innovator providing society with individuals who will be equipped to tackle and conquer society 's wicked problems.

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