I Finally Have The Power ! Essay

I Finally Have The Power ! Essay

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I finally have the power! After a semester of taking a course about hiding glossophobia as best as I can, while juggling critical thinking and persuasion skills in a public speaking setting. I have finally been given the power to judge others, who have set out on the path of becoming a great public speaker, on how well they can hide their own fear of public speaking. Countless minutes have I spent throughout the semester looking for a good speaker to write my critique paper on; someone interesting, speaking about an interesting topic. Someone I deemed the perfect victim of my judgement! In the end I found no one was actually worthy, and I had to resort to the speech intramurals at DVC (also the extra credit was very enticing).
My goal during this event, first and foremost, was to use the skills I learned throughout the semester taking COMM 121 to provide the speakers I was judging with good feedback while sneaking in some tips and advice for future speeches. After the event was over I picked the most memorable speaker to write about in this essay.
Upon arrival, I was given brief instructions on how to be a judge and then I was sent off to the classroom I was “in charge of”. I gave everyone the option to volunteer to go first when it was time to start the speeches . The room was filled with complete silence until someone finally said, very quietly, “I’ll go first”. His name is Jason and his was the most memorable speech I heard that day, not because he volunteered to go first, but because of how good his speech was in comparison to pretty much every other speech I heard that day.
Jason started his speech off the right way; with a great attention getter. At first I thought he was going to be talking about his favorite TV show, Th...

... middle of paper ...

...ion. Aside from that, there were a lot of biased and bad sources cited throughout the event and a lot of the speakers would apologize after stumbling in their words, some spoke like robots, some made sure we all knew that there was no flipping way they would be wasting their Friday at that event if they weren’t failing their course, one of them even had the audacity to read his speech from his phone. I even got to watch an exchange student talk about how bad America sucks and why we should take a semester to study in another country to learn about how much better other cultures are compared to ours (Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle must not have been part of his current COMM course’s curriculum). But in the end, speakers like Jason made me feel like judging at this event was worth it, not only for the extra credit and a topic to write about, but also as an experience.

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