Essay about I Feel Like Religion Includes Spirituality

Essay about I Feel Like Religion Includes Spirituality

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I feel like religion includes spirituality relates to me, because religion is my culture and spirituality is just a part of it. I go to church to worship and thank God for everything he has done for me. I believe in getting baptized, save, and feel with the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongue. I was always taught to read my bible every day and meditate on what I just read. I believe everything happen for a reason, because God trying to get us closer to him. My Church do the whole falling out thing, speaking in tongue and shouting around the church. I’m kind of a little scared of the falling out and speaking in tongue, but I have seen it all my life so it doesn’t really scared me like it use too. I feel like I will understand them two once I have gotten save and fill with the Holy Ghost. I know it’s real, because the way they starts to cry out like somebody just pour water on them. I have praised God before and tears start pouring down my face. I was at home when it happen and after that I felt real good; my day was good for the rest of the week. Spirituality is what comes naturally with my religion.
Some people in my organization doesn’t believe in talking in tongue and shouting around the room. My best friend, sister, boyfriend always joke about how the kind of church I go to act. He doesn’t believe it take all that to praise God. In his eyes, it just an act and that people putting for attention. I guess some people do, but not all of them does. It doesn’t upset me, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In my head, I’m just thinking wait until you get save, you going to think otherwise. I strongly believe it’s good to speak in tongue and shout. Once those people finished parsing God, they leave church happier than a...

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...m or dad making me go. I want to go so I can worship and thank God for everything he has done for me. Being baptized, save, and feel with the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongue is a spirituality thing what my religion believe in. I was told you need to read your bible every day and meditate on what you just read. My Church do the whole falling out thing, speaking in tongue and shouting around the church. Some people may think it’s not normal, but to us it is just our way praising God. I have seen it all my life so it doesn’t really scared me like it use too. I know I will understand them two once I have gotten save. It all seem scary right now even though we know the Lord is standing right there with us. I felt awesome after I had praised God. My eyes was full with tears. My day was good for the rest of the week. Spirituality is what comes naturally with my religion.

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