I Feel Good Today But Yesterday I Felt Terrible Essay

I Feel Good Today But Yesterday I Felt Terrible Essay

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Ms. Jane Doe was lying in her bed when I walked into her room this morning. I asked her, how are you doing today? Ms. Jane Doe stated, “ I feel good today but yesterday I felt terrible.” Ms. Jane Doe was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 10 years ago, after she had her last child. During her pregnancy, she had gestational diabetes and was able to manage this but after having her child, she did not continue to manage her diet. Ms. Jane Doe is a Hispanic, 58-year-old woman, who appears well groomed and well nourished. The way Ms. Jane Doe found out about her chronic illness was because she was having pounding headaches for over 3 days, was urinating frequently and gaining weight. She decided to visit her primary care doctor, where she found out her blood sugar was 220. The next day Ms. Jane Doe went to get a fasting blood test in the morning and found out that she in fact, did have type 2 diabetes.
Ms. Jane Doe felt distraught to hear that she had diabetes because her father was having a challenging time with diabetes. At this time, Ms. Jane Doe was working a lot of hours to take care of her children and was not sure how this illness would affect her work. She felt confused and worried about how she would have to manage this illness. Ms. Jane Doe received a glucose monitor device and some papers that informed her about what kinds of foods to avoid, what foods to eat more of and to exercise. Ms. Jane Doe continued to eat the way she usually ate because her job did not allow her enough time to cook healthy meals. She mentioned that she would check her blood sugar sometimes and other times she would forget to take her medications because she did not feel sick. Ms. Jane Doe described her illness as, “something that makes her feel fatigue...

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...our patient’s lives in many ways, such as their activities of daily living. Being able to listen to Ms. Jane Doe’s story of how she was diagnosed and how this made her feel, made me realize that we should ask more open-ended questions. By asking more open-ended questions, we can learn about the needs of our patients. Ms. Jane Doe taught me that having diabetes education classes early on has impacted her disease in a positive way and that as a nurse, we should know the resources that are available for our patients and provide our patients with these resources. One important message I learned during this interview is to give my entire patient’s the utmost PATIENCE, when caring for them. This interview has helped me to understand that our patient’s notice everything we do and that we should be more thoughtful in how we treat our patients.

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