I Feel Compassion For The Friend Essay

I Feel Compassion For The Friend Essay

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1) My first 3 thoughts are shock, anger, and compassion. I am shock because a supposed friend of 10 years could do something so horrible like that with no hesitation. His friend shot him multiple times, beat him with the end of the shot gun, stole his belongings, and left him for dead. I just can’t wrap my mind around the idea you could do that to someone who trusted you and probably shared most of your life with during the good and bad times. I also feel anger because of the way how as a country we don’t do enough to prevent these things from happening. We should have systems in place in schools and other local settings to prevent, intervene, or treat those who could possibly be in danger in joining gangs or already in ,but to help them to learn that violence is not the answer. Lastly I feel compassion both for Ross and his friend. I feel compassion for the friend because he must have grew up in a rough environment with little emotional support from his family and probably felt that the only way for others to accept him was to join a gang and commit this horrible act. Additionally, I feel compassion for Ross because even though he survived the attack he will have to live on questioning every relationship he
forms from now on and whether or not he can trust them.

2) I believe Ross’s story shows that juvenile crime is something we should definitely take more seriously since they are responsible for a good chunk of crime that happens in this country. I also think it shows that anyone can be affected by this at any time. Ross’s story shows this because he thought he was just giving a friend a ride to his cousin house and ended up nearly being killed by that friend. When it comes to gangs I think Ross’s story shows that recruitment ...

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...ecruiting, drugs, sexual exploitation, and criminal activity. This creates a cycle of violence because those kids will be taught the skills to become criminals and those that grow up and are lucky enough to not be killed or sent to prison will pass on those skills to another generation. I believe we should have prevention programs in place in schools and other local communities settings because by preventing kids from joining gangs we would be helping three areas of the community. The first is innocents would not be caught in the crossfire of gang violence if there is none. The second is the criminal justice system wouldn’t have to worry about the gang violence and can focus their efforts on other problems. Lastly the individuals who are being targeted to join these gangs will be able to live their lives and hopefully become productive citizens in their communities.

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