Essay on I Don 't Have A Job At The Time Of This Writing

Essay on I Don 't Have A Job At The Time Of This Writing

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I don 't have a job at the time of this writing; however, I have many plans on what I 'd do if I were to be laid off within the first six months of my first job after graduation. Luckily, I have several back up options due to old internships and friends. I 'm not for sure which option I 'd take, but I do feel a little safer with having a few backup options.

The first option is to move back to Monroe, Louisiana and become a full-time teacher. To be more specific, I 'd be a math teacher. A friend of my family happens to be an employee for a certain private school. I tutored her son for the past few years in math during breaks. She supposedly has told the school about me and the school as a few teacher openings. One of those happens to be a high school math teacher. I 'm not sure what exact course of math I 'd be teaching, however, I 'm very proficient with all high school level math courses, and would feel comfortable teaching any of them. At the same time, I 've always wanted to become a coach. This job would give me that opportunity. I would hopefully get an assistant coach job for the football and baseball teams. Eventually, I 'd hope to become the head coach one day. The only down side to this decision could possibly be the salary. I plan on having a fairly big family as well, so I was hoping for a higher paying job. However, I do believe I 'd greatly enjoy the job. If I took this job, I would most likely leave if the oil field picked back up, and I received a better job opportunity.

Another job option is located in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Last year during summer break I had a job as a draftsman at a ship building and repair company. They liked my work so much that they have kept in touc...

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...cer in the Marine Corp. This job would involve me leading other marines. I have considered these options, and I could eventually decide to take one of them. However, I 'm still not 100 percent for sure about this option. I would be forced to move where they needed me. That 's one of the few reasons I 'm not for sure with this option.

Well those are my current options. As you can see, if I were to be laid off in the first six months of my job after graduation, I feel comfort knowing I have these options. I would much prefer working in the oil industry. However, I cannot control the market or the jobs available in the industry. So, considering all my current back-up options, I would most likely become a teacher/coach if I were to lose my job in the first six months after graduation. I would enjoy what I would be doing, and I 'd also be close to home.

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