I Didn 't Understand The Concept Of Grieving Essay

I Didn 't Understand The Concept Of Grieving Essay

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All of my life, until I was eighteen years old, I didn’t understand the concept of grieving. Grief just hasn’t been something I’ve ever had to experience before. Because of my lack of experience I had no understanding of what grieving felt like. All of his changed for me on July 29th.
It was July 22nd when I got the phone call that my great grandma was in the hospital. It was so shocking to me I didn’t even know what to think I had just been up there to see her two days ago prior to then. My dad had called me and told me in a calm but of course I know my dad to well to know that he was calm but actually pretty scared and frantic. I was at work and a perk to my job is that I work at a family owned business that is actually close to my family. Immediately I told my boss what was going on and she told me leave whenever I wanted to so of course I left then and went straight to Bowling Green to Green View Hospital the 2nd floor room 53 in the critical care unit. I saw my entire family, some standing and majority sitting. I couldn’t tell by the expressions on their faces of what I should expect but all I could hear was a bunch of familiar voices telling stories about the times they shared with her.
With all that going on I just went straight back to the room I saw my sweet short fragile most innocent grandma with her hair pulled back in a bun like she always wore it. She was laying in the bed looking so peaceful and exhausted. Seeing that she wasn’t being very responsive scared the crap out of me. All I could do was pray for her, asking God to please let her be okay, to let her open her eyes and talk to us. I stayed there for hours probably just listening to my family and remembering my own memories and how much she taught me. I can...

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... I’ll see you again someday.” I was so thankful to see her look so good. It gave me a sense of relief because I know that she lived a remarkable life. My grandma was amazing she was the best all-around she never judged one person she loved everyone that walked in her house. She gives me hope that someday I could be half the women she was. Grief is something you have to deal with no matter what. I learned that death is devastating and there’s no right or wrong way to deal with it. But I go some closure before she passed because we asked her if she was ready to go home and she told us that she was when the good lord was ready for her. She was ready to go she wasn’t scared or nothing. I now know that I will never get her back. But I have her with me every single day, she’s looking down on me guiding me though this crazy thing we call life, hopefully being proud of me.

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