I Determined My Jung Typology Test Essay

I Determined My Jung Typology Test Essay

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After taking the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test, I determined my Jung Typology was ISTJ (introvert sensing thinking judging) by taking the Jung Typology Test (2016). Based on the test, I had a moderate preference for all of these, except sensing, which I only had a slight preference for sensing over intuition. Research was conducted using the website www.personalitypage.com and Type Talk at Work textbook to evaluate the accuracy of the personality type in the test. Based on the research and my personal evaluation, the test accurately captured my personality. From the research I learned specifics about my qualities and preferences which will help me better perform as an employee, co-worker, and manager. 
Myers-Briggs Personality Test
Based on the results of the Jung Typology Test (2016) my personality type is ISTJ with a temperament of SJ or a “Guardian” (Personality Page, 2016).
Introvert. As an introvert, I prefer to operate internally in order to solve problems. I must turn internally to recharge after engaging in the external world for long periods of time (Personality Page, 2016). This is most evident in my current job where my supervisor is an extrovert who solves problems through verbal discussion; I feel his problems become my problems (Facer, 2015). During these interactions I participate, but afterwards I wish to have silence to contemplate the topics discussed.
Sensing. As a sensor, I prefer to analyze information in a concrete and literal fashion. I find a strength of mine is collecting detailed data when observing situations; a quality that was natural and useful during my undergraduate studies of civil engineering. However, my sensing preference was minor (Jung Typology Test, 2016) because I have developed my...

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...ghts, which will strengthen communication with my supervisor.
Co-Worker. Different personality types solve problems differently. For example, extroverts prefer to solve problems through discussion (Kroeger, Thuesen, & Rutledge, 2002). While I like to solve problems analytically and internally, others may use other methods. I must respect these different methods and develop my non-dominate types to assist and effectively work with these co-workers.
Manager. Personally, I perform daily tasks in a structured method that follow standard procedures developed by the organization. When issues arise, my default solution is to impose these structured methods on my subordinates because they work for me. Understanding that my subordinates may operate differently will help me create tailored solutions for my subordinates, even when these solutions differ from my preferences.

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