I-Clickers: A Remote Used to Enhance Engangement in the Classroom Essay

I-Clickers: A Remote Used to Enhance Engangement in the Classroom Essay

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As technology improves, people are privileged to utilize innovative advanced technological devices that technologists have developed and refined to offer a comprehensive set of resources in meaningful ways. Students are lucky enough to enjoy these highly-developed implements that assist them for their education. For instance, IBM’s Reinventing Education Program and I-clickers are two recent products that are intended to improve the present educational system. Especially I-clickers, an interactive technology that enables professors to pose questions to students and immediately collect the responses of the entire class, are essential tools in present day classes. Since I-clickers help advance the learning objectives of a course, all professors should adopt the use of I-clickers in classes.
One of the most appealing aspects of I-clicker is that it elicits students’ participation and engagement in classes. Now students have I-clickers, they all can make their voices heard in the class. That is, after they answer the questions given, students can now compare their own responses to the responses of other students in the class, which sparks a level of interactive discussion among students. Once students see the distribution of responses, they would be able to reconsider the question as in groups and to reach an agreement about the best response, and I-clickers certainly facilitate the process more efficiently. I-clicker, as a potential bridge for the communication gap between lecturers and students, encourages the interaction between students and faculty as well. By taking a clicker poll or even a survey, instructors often follow the class discussion with a second cycle of questioning, answering, and displaying before wrapping up the dis...

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...erm exam period. With I-clickers, however, students can easily identify and address areas of confusion and adjust the pace of the course appropriately because I-clickers provide students with prompt feedback on their comprehension. From the quiz responses, the professor is able to determine whether he should spend more time explaining the concept, or if the majority of the class understands the idea, allowing him to move on to the next topic.

In conclusion, classes will be very entertaining. I-clickers bring many positive aspects such as motivating students to participate more often, improving their class performance, and monitoring their understanding of the course material. Adoption of I-clickers can have a great impact on learning experiences and educational outcomes. Students will certainly enjoy a more fruitful academic life with this educational technology.

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