I Choose This Movie Because We Just Went Through Unit Three Essay

I Choose This Movie Because We Just Went Through Unit Three Essay

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I choose this movie because we just went through Unit Three and this movie shows a lot of aspects of Race and Ethnic. In the beginning of the movie Cecil Gaines witnessed his mother be taken in a shack and raped by his slave master. Right when his master was done he proceeded to come out to the fields and shoot Cecil’s father in his head right in front of him. The slave master just like majority whites during this time was racist. In the unit we learned that racism is a set of beliefs about the superiority of one racial or ethical group. Whites back then felt superior over blacks and the law supported their views. After witnessing these horrible events Cecil ran away from the fields and found himself looking for work. It was hard for a runaway ”nigger” to find work back then, with no work came no food which caused him to break into a bakery and steal. He was caught by a butler who worked for the owner of the bakery. After telling him his story the butler took him under his wings and trained him to be a glorified butler rather than a house nigger. Cecil Gaines began working as a butler and loved it, he learned to enjoy his work, and he was a valued worker. During this time many blacks were not privileged to have their own house like the whites but Cecil did, he lived with his wife name was Gloria Gaines and they had two boys Louis and Charlie Gaines.
The movie began to get more interesting when Cecil received a call from the white house that was a position that he never replied for. He was scouted out at a bar where he was working at by a white man who hired the help in the white house. This man would later show prejudice and discrimination when it came to the blacks that worked there. After having a interview with Freddy Fallows...

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...thers and gets his Masters in law. Cecil begins to realize that he hated his son for nothing all this time and he needed to find a way to get back in his sons life. So, he decides to retire from working at the White House, he went to a rally that Louis was having and supported him 100%. They both later got arrested but it was worth it for the both of them. In 2008, Cecil, Gloria, and Louis were all able to witness the first black president to be elected in office. Obama changed things for all black people when that happened, gave everyone a sense of hope and encouragement that everything is possible. At the end of the movie Gloria passes from old age leaving Cecil a widow but that did not give him a reason to give up it. He continued to push on with life and later met President Obama. I would definitely suggest this movie to others to watch it’s a walk into history.

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