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I Can Tell You What to Teach?

Oh my, this is my chance! I can finally tell a teacher what to teach, and you may or may not listen. I have to make this good; really good. I enjoyed the Strange and Mysterious unit a lot. Learned about strange and creepy stories and how difficult it is to put those stories into motion pictures. Now for next year, when a new set of students come in and they are just as eager to start this unit, I have a great set of authors who should be your top pick for your new minions to read about and learn more about their history; R.L Stine, The Brothers Grimm, and my absolutely best pick, Patrick Carman. Now do not worry your head off on why they are great picks because I am going to explain why.
Let us start with my favorite pick! Patrick Carman. Whenever I hear Patrick Carman's name, I think of Skeleton Creek (C P. (2009). Skeleton Creek. (Reprint ed., Vol. 1, p. 144). Scholastic Press: Scholastic), a big scary story series that I personally enjoyed because of the idea of having a book to read, then watch a video on it. I think that would nice for everyone to see. Like when you showed us the short clips of The Landlady and the cartoon version and regular version of The Tell-Tale Heart, you will already have codes for the videos that belong to the story. When I first read the first book, and watched the story clip, I automatically gave it four stars in my head and came up with a quick review. I am not the only person who has given it four stars. Patrick Carman's best selling book has to be Skeleton Creek, the ratings all range from four to five stars, lowest rating being one (everything in the review was spelled wrong anyway). The reviews were from Amazon and I found them absolutely helpful, and I could no...

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...opies of all his collections alone. Most of them being turned into scary shows and movies. I like seeing that type of stuff in action. All Goosebumps is really about is creepy tales after eerie tales. I am sure the students next year will enjoy bringing back the good memories. If none of them next year ever heard of R.L Stine, I promise you if you read them one story, they will get hooked.
I hope that I have kept you on your toes the whole time. I am sure I did not but you know, I am just going to leave that to creepy eerie authors (who will even get to you while they are dead) because it is their job. I also hope you will understand where I am coming from when I say that Patrick Carman's Skeleton Creek, The Brothers Grimm haunted fairy-tales, and R.L Stines Goosebumps should be in the running to be learned about and read about next year when I am no longer there.

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