Essay about I Believe Mr. Trumps Victory

Essay about I Believe Mr. Trumps Victory

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I believe Mr. Trumps victory was due to multiple reasons ranging from his supporters to registered voters not voting. Trump was not looked upon as an Conventional politician and that’s what made him appeal to be a better candidate than his opponent that was currently under investigation, and could be facing charges if found guilty. I believe most of Trump’s supporters wanted something different than the conventional politician, and the way he spoke without any type of filter made it seem like he was.
Trump 's campaign strategy is unique, and very different from any other election campaign the United States has seen. He willingness to strike and attack on any issues or person, and not caring how sensitive it might be has made him very popular. At the beginning of the election it seemed like most of the media didn 't take his candidacy seriously and gave him a huge amount of air time. Trump focused most of energy insulting current policy, office holders,illegal immigrates, Clinton, Muslim, and more. The news outlet constantly circled around anything that spewed from his mouth. Such as, his racial comments and the “locker room” talk on the bus. He’s not just on TV but on twitter and Facebook. It seems like he tweets whatever is on his mind no matter how sensitive it might be,. One of his tweets which generated a little under 400,000 interactions was “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”. One big part of Trump’s strategy is the insults. He attacks everyone and anyone; he even mocked a New York Times reporter with a disability.
According to Trump raised $322,444,734 in total for the election campaign. Trump’s comm...

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...ak politician. Clinton obviously won the majority of women and minorities vote. While Trump won the majority of white men and uneducated women votes. It seems that Trumps comments on immigrants, women, and Muslims really opened the eyes to many.
Clinton could have changed her strategies to secure the win. I would start by being more active on social media, similar to Trump. According to Trump outperformed Clinton on twitter by receiving almost double the amount interactions on a tweet. Although Clinton was more popular on twitter when she announced her candidacy back in August, Trump overtook Clinton of followers in just a matter of months. I would also focus on the rural areas of the states that Trump was targeting. Clinton’s campaign raised almost double what Trump’s campaign did. I would refocus in areas Trump is using his funds and outperform him.

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