Essay on I Believe in Music

Essay on I Believe in Music

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I believe in music’s ability to transform one’s mood. Every time I turn on my iTouch or listen to a song on YouTube my mood becomes that of the song’s regardless of how I originally felt, be it happy, sad, angry, or whatever. If I were to put on music by Jeffree Star my mood would instantly become more happy and upbeat. Bullet for My Valentine, on the other hand, would transform my emotions into rage. Play Everlast and I too would be singing the blues. It happens to me every time and I have witnessed it happen to others as well, particularly at concerts.
Over time I began to utilize music’s powers as a form of self-therapy. I remember recently doing this to help me get over the pain of an awful breakup. I was the most depressed that I have ever been in my life. I no longer wished to talk to or hang out with my friends, I no longer enjoyed any of my favorite activities, and all I wanted to do was sleep all day. I was miserable. Finally, I could not take it anymore. I had to do something to fix it and fast so I decided to turn to my most trusted therapist to do the job: my iTouch.
“Listen to the music and let it flow right through you” my iTouch calmly advised me. Listening to the words of my iTouch, I put in my headphones and listened to the song it chose: Temper Temper by Bullet for My Valentine and it played, “Here comes my temper temper time to explode!/Feels good when you lose control” (Bullet). It was working. I immediately felt my sorrow dissipate, transforming itself into rage. I hated him. I was ready to punch through the walls. How could he do that to me? I just wanted to lose control, but I couldn’t. I knew I could not let the anger control me so much so I consulted with my iTouch again. “You hav...

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... savage beast” and this I believe. I have seen it happen time again both personally and on massive scales. If you do not believe me, put on some music next time you are feeling emotional and see where it takes you. I promise you, you will feel your emotions change. What emotion it becomes will vary based upon what song or songs you decide to play, but you will feel a change. If you would like to try this on a larger scale, try hosting a party and play DJ. Vary the music a bit and watch how the crowd changes. Put on an upbeat song and watch the crowd dance and cheer, change it to an aggressive song and watch as a bloodbath begins to form, finish off with the blues and watch as the mood of the party dies down into a somber state. If you manage to do this tactfully enough, you will end up staring in amazement as you watch the crowd remold itself right before your eyes.

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