I Attended The Beringia And The Global Dispersal Of Modern Humana Lecture That John F. Hoffecker

I Attended The Beringia And The Global Dispersal Of Modern Humana Lecture That John F. Hoffecker

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I attended the Beringia and the Global Dispersal of Modern Humana lecture that John F. Hoffecker gave on Tuesday April 19th. I chose this lecture to do this assignment on since I already had some background knowledge on the topic from my current anthropology class I am taking. We have been talking about hominins and human dispersal from other countries as our topic in class the last few weeks. This topic also seemed the most interesting out of the ones I was able to attend.
John gained mine and the audiences attention by being very descriptive on the information he was giving us about how much of the land he had studied or is studying is underwater now. He connected to the audience by asking a question to the audience to see who has taken anthropology before. There was technical difficulties in the beginning with the power point presentation not working that delayed the presentation by roughly ten minutes. Even though the power point was not working in the beginning, the overall power point show was great. You could tell that John came well prepared to give his speech, minus the technical difficulties he had in the beginning. He did not have too much wording on the slides to where it was overwhelming. We were able to get the gist of the slide topic from the few words or sentences he put on the power point screen for us to read. He had his power point set up as more of a learning speech or a lecture class type of style, which is what all college students are used to, making it easier to take notes on the speech if we needed to. There was one slide that did have too many pictures for one slide, making it difficult to understand what that slide was about. John cited all his pictures that he used showing that he was nor plagiarizing...

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...ready knew about human dispersal. Humans dispersed out of Africa before 50,000 years ago to Northern and Southern Asia and Australia and evolved in Africa as modern humans roughly between 150,000 to 200,000 years ago. There was a large amount of fossil findings along the way that helped researched get more of a clear picture of the time frame of human dispersal. It is very difficult to date ancient remains accurately that are thousands of years old. Genetic data helped with the rough year estimate of the fossils found of the humans. The last glacial maximum, also known as LGM, had a huge impact on human population. It lasted about 10,000 to 15,000 years and humans were forced to abandon large areas, making certain places totally secluded. The land connection between Asia and North America emerges when the sea level falls. Beringia was defined in 1937 by the Swedish.

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