Essay about I Attended Diversity Presentation, Intersectional Nature Of Disability

Essay about I Attended Diversity Presentation, Intersectional Nature Of Disability

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Did you know that about one billion people in this world experience some form of disablility according to I attended diversity presentation “Intersectional Nature of Disability” in room 201 in Pray Harrold building on November 17th.This presentation was presented by Lloyd Shelton. Lloyd talked about disabilities and how even though they are common people still do not make an effort to accommodate disabled people. This event also talked about how normal is not a real concept and we should not discriminate people based on their skin color, gender, or abilities. I have seen discrimination my whole life, even more so when I got to college. For example, there were incidents like spray paint on the wall telling black people to leave the college, or just using racial slurs. I also see sexism a lot because a lot of men think that women are not equal to men or that women can 't do what men do. In this paper, I will talk about why disabled people should not be discriminated against, how disabilities and racism relate to each other, and why the concept of normal does not exist.
I had a small amount of prior knowledge because my grandmother was disabled and when I was younger I would have to help her in everyday tasks. Other than that I did not have any prior knowledge other than people use being handicapped as an insult. For example, if somebody does something stupid, people tend to say that they are being “retarded,” which is a derogatory term for handicapped people. A lot of places are not handicapped accessible, which makes it hard for people with disabilities to be comfortable. This was another main point at the diversity presentation I attended, they discussed how an environment is the only thing that makes a person disa...

... middle of paper ... this diversity event, I learned about how an environment can make somebody be disabled, the person is not disabled, I learned about how disability relates to racism and how people stereotype without even knowing it, I also learned about intersectionality, and how we should not judge people based on if they are normal for our standards. I would recommend this event to other Eastern Michigan University students because this could be what makes people not want to discriminate against each other anymore. Everybody is guilty of pre judgements against people just based on what they look like, but this event made me conscious of how I am stereotyping or judging somebody else. I think this would help make people less judgemental and make it so all people regardless of their skin color, sexuality, gender, or ability should have an equal chance of getting a job.

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