Essay on I Attended A Sikh Temple

Essay on I Attended A Sikh Temple

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Samuel Seium. I attended a Sikh temple that is located outside of Baltimore, Maryland with a friend who is Sikh and commonly attends the services. The temple was the size of a regular sized church and appeared to have a common Sikh temple design. Before entering the temple, it is customary to take off your shoes. My friend and I attended this event on a Sundays. Although the temple is open seven days a week, in America it is common for Sunday to be the busiest day at the temple because that is when the major religious group in this country attends their services so the Sikhs at this temple do the same. In the prayer room, we sat on the floor and crossed our legs. There was a person in the front of the room that was leading prayers. However, I was not able to understand what he was saying because he was speaking in Punjabi. I noticed that the men and women were sitting on opposite sides of the room. After I left the prayer room, volunteers passed out free food to the attendees.
Before the cultural immersion, my personal reaction was feeling nervous and thinking about canceling the event to try something that I knew of a little better. I was nervous that I would stand out in the crowd because I have never seen or heard of a Black Sikh. I also did not want to come off as an intruder that has come to watch people like they were a zoo exhibit. I did not want to make others uncomfortable while I was at their place of worship. Additionally, I did not want to offend anyone by doing anything that I was not supposed to do by accident because I was not aware of their customs and traditions. For example, I would have walked into the temple with my shoes on because I would not have been aware that I needed to take my shoes off before...

... middle of paper ... and learning about a client’s culture will help me to develop empathic because I would be better at understanding the issues instead of being oblivious.
Another thing that I learned as a multicultural counselor was the importance of advocacy and social justice. In talking to some of the individuals at the temple, they have concerns about racial profiling and hate crimes committed against Sikh people. For example, the mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin by a person who thought that they were Muslims. Additionally, hate crimes started to spike in this community after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York City because people thought they were Muslims. As a counselor, I can help advocate for this community by educating others about the religion, people, and also fight to end the racial profile and hate crimes committed to this community.

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