Essay about I Assume By Trails You Mean The Ones That Pysche

Essay about I Assume By Trails You Mean The Ones That Pysche

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I assume by trails you mean the ones that Pysche was asked to undergo by Aphrodite, not Venus, her Roman counterpart. The issue of naming is a little confusing, the myth can be traved back to Lucius Aplueius, a Numidian prose writer who lived under Roman rule. It is written in Roman style, yet with Venus and Cupid being called by their Greek names, Aphrodite and Eros, instead of Venus and Amor. For the sake of actually getting to your question, I 'm going to treat this as a greek myth, which is what I have read it as and consider it as.

Due to Pysche capturing and simultainionsly breaking the heart of Aphrodite 's son, Eros, she was furios with Pysche. Espeacily since she didn 't want Pysche to find love at all. It 's a little bit ironic considering she when she tasked her son with sprinkling Pysche with a potion that would prevent her from finding a husband, she caused them to meet nd Eros to fall for her.

Anyways, back on to your question, Pysche was tasked with three tasks to do in order for Aphrodite to help her reclaim the heart of her Son.

The First Task: Moving of the Grains
Pysche was told that she had to move a large pile of grains from the inside of a barn to the outside, easy right? Not exactly, there was a catch, she couldn 't touch a single grain. She was given a day to do this, before Aphrodite returned. After the Goddess left, Pysche, overwhelmed by the seeming impossibleness of her task, succumed to fatige (Partly due to be assulted by Sorrow and Despair on orders from a Wrathful Aphrodite, and partly becuase she 'd just had a long freaking night) When she woke up she noticed a line of ants by her face, thinking them insignifigate she searched the house and found some honey. Using the huey she lured the ants ...

... middle of paper ... Pysche had journed to the Underworld and back for his love she would die alone. Eros refused to accept this and rushed to her. He found Pysche deathly pale on the ground, with only her lips still rosy with life. With little time left he leaned to kiss her, after few moments she stirred and they embraced before Eros asked her to come to Olympus to be his bride. She agreed but before they could leave Aphrodite came down an raged, calling Pysche a cheater, saying that Eros told her he 'd been pricked by an arrow, and only true love could 've awakened her. This meant that she had proven their love, and Pysche reminded Aphrodite of her vow to see them wed if their loved proved true. Upon Eros and Pysche entrance to Olympus the Gods cheered (They enjoyed Aphrodite being foiled) And as a wedding present Pysche was granted imortality to live with her husband Eros forever.

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