Essay on I Am 22 Year Old

Essay on I Am 22 Year Old

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I am 22 year-old in that time. Who is just graduate and get a job right away, my job is
“News reporter” what is news reporter do, the job sound is interesting .Yes it is, but the problem is I do not study for writing a news.
I studied about Faculty of Mass Communication, Department of Radio and Television. I studied about news just one subject, I barely to know how to wrote news. So the first thing I do not know is why they are hired me. However it did not matter because I got a job. My expectation for this job position. I think it will be interesting job, have a lot of things fun like in the movies. On first day at the station “News Editor” his name is “Banteang” who is tall and thin man, He is the kind of person that hardly to smile and I very scare to talk to him. He puts a big amount of newspaper on my table and says to me “read it” I read one and two and three, I have to read every single page. Many people walk around like busy. Looks like just only me in that room still do not move just read and read the newspaper. The room is cold, I feel like I get a command to do this thi...

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