I Am Writing At School High School Essay

I Am Writing At School High School Essay

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I am writing to you on behalf of me and my fellow grade nine students at Tiller Junior High School who help operate the canteen. It has been brought to my attention that there is a vast selection of unhealthy snacks. I would like to help everyone stay healthy and fit. I have done some research and gathered information for you on healthy eating in school, as well as a program to introduce to help kids stay physically and mentally healthy.

It is ironic how our technology has gotten a lot better; you would think the foods produced these days would be healthier! Not so much. The fact is that our technology has allowed us to produce food quickly, taste well, but in most cases be lacking of the vital nutrients our bodies need. Millions of adults strive each day to eat healthier and stay active, but children between the ages of 6-to-16-years old aren 't as concerned about their health. I understand that team sports are available for children to get active, but there is a huge keystone missing from many schools worldwide: Nutrition.

The amount of overweight children continues to grow, and ...

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