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I Am Working With Grace Essay

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I am currently working with Grace (name withheld). Even though we are both from Africa, we are from different countries, and so have different values and cultures. While I am from Nigeria, Grace is from Cameroon, both of us working in the United States.
Family Background:
Grace is from a family of seven (7). She has four siblings; a brother and three sisters, and she is the oldest. Apart from her brother and sisters, she still has her mother and father. She has told me this times without number, when I ask why she always run out of money before the next pay day. Her answer was, she has a large family and they all look up to her for financial assistance (G. A. Abrahams, personal communication, October 24, 2014). The socioeconomic status of Grace’ family is the middle class; they are neither rich, nor poor, they just manage to be comfortable. Her parents inherited no wealth; rather, they earn the little they are living on. While the father is a farmer, the mother is a trader. Her family is highly respected in her community, not because they are very rich, but because they are honest in their dealings with others.
For religion, Grace practices Christianity, and her religion is very important to her. I can really ask about her religion if I want to, but I don’t need to, because she tells me about it without asking. She tells me she is a born-again Christian (spiritual belief) because she believes in Jesus Christ, the son of God. Her religion/spiritual beliefs does not really affect the way she works, and neither does it affect the way she works with me, because she is a very diligent worker and she works tirelessly. The highest education she received back in Cameroon was a Certificate of Health Science from a Teacher’s Training Coll...

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...h Science at the Teacher’s Training College, back in her country, Cameroon(G. A. Abrahams, personal communication, October 24, 2014). She refused to tell me about her culture, saying I should go and make more research.
I have succeeded in learning so many lessons in this concluded exercise. I will reflect on just one or two. One great lesson I have learnt is never to assume you know someone completely, which is projected similarity, which according to Adler (2008, p.82) involves, “assuming, imagining, and actually perceiving similarity when differences exist”. I also learnt something about cross-cultural misevaluation (Adler, 2008). Grace, my colleague made a cross-cultural evaluation in thinking my culture is bad because the way we show respect in my culture (kneeling down to greet elders) is totally different from the way it is done in her own culture.

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