I Am With My Terrible Math Skills Essay

I Am With My Terrible Math Skills Essay

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I feel like self-assessments are a way to get to know yourself better. They are a way to help you see your strengths and weaknesses by giving you an opportunity to judge for yourself. They expose questions that you might not think about a regular basis. Self-assessments, also, provide a way of correcting your mistakes by making you realize what they are.

I think highly of myself according to this self-assessment since I only had three weaknesses, speaking, ability to conduct research, and money management. These are the only ones that I rated below a three, but there are some that were borderline such as mathematics and seeking support from others. The theme in my weaknesses seem to be with my terrible math skills. Money management has always been a problem for me. In order to achieve some of my goals, I need money! “If your weaknesses keep you from achieving your most important goals, don’t ignore them completely.” (Bethel, 2014, p.3) Thus, this is a self-realization that I need to get better at being broke.

My strengths are what I need to concentrate on to succeed. I rated 20 out of 30 of these categories above a 3, thus labeling them strengths. I believe in my strengths. Some attributes such as being responsible, goal-setting, determination, curiosity, and knowing how you learn are crucial to success.

According to this assessment, I consider myself to have everything in me to succeed in what I came here for. I have to utilize my time and energy in focusing on the good instead of the bad. I feel like this self-assessment has given me several topics to consider. By knowing what I need to improve, it will enlighten my decisions. My weaknesses might hinder my progress temporarily, but they will become my strengths.


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...A style could possibly be the fact that students have never used it before coming to Bethel. By choosing different career paths or studying different subjects, we are not subjected other styles such as MLA, Chicago, etc. I remember taking some classes in humanities and having to use MLA styles. My professor at the time had said that any style of acceptable, but she preferred MLA style, so that is what most of the students used.

Though I might still have some trouble with the formatting, APA is a good format to use. It 's needed for the social sciences and business career paths. With research, I have a better understanding of APA and how to better utilize it.


Bethel University. (2014). Who Are You? Retrieved from: https://www.betheluniversityonline.net/

Association, A.P. (2016). Why is APA style needed? Retrieved from: http://www.apastyle.org/learn

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