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I Am Walking Towards The Coast Essay

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“I am walking towards the coast, and I see a group of people arguing. I cannot hear anything, but I can hear the tone of their voice. I know this is the Caspian Sea, but I do not know why because I know Caspian does not have any shore like this. I get closer to hear what are they talking about. It is about a girl and a boy ran away together with a boat... I am in a boat, moving towards the Willow tree curtain leading me to the other side, where I can see the Caspian’s horizon. They are on the other side, now I know this is not reality, it is a dream. I see them on the other side, the girl has taken off her clothes, and the boy is looking at her dumbstruck. Now I am the girl I was looking at minutes ago, and I decide on who the guy must be.“ My mom is trying to wake me up, I become conscious of the physical world, but then I try to continue dreaming and enjoy something that will not happen in reality.
I am having these kinds of dreams, and I’ve being enjoying exploring them. Until recently I learned these are special dreams and they have a name: Lucid Dreams. Lucid dreaming means when we are asleep, and we are aware of that, in other words if we are dreaming consciously while we are unconscious about what is going on around us in the real world.
The more I learned about Lucid Dreaming, The more I became curious to know about it as a skill and its development.
Those who have the ability to dream Lucid, they are able to explore an imaginary world. They experience adventure, they can use it as a mental practice, they can boost their creativity, and they can overcome nightmares.

In this essay, I aim to discuss: 1. Why lucid dreaming can help us to boost our creativity, and 2. How we can meditate while we become Luc...

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... them from childhood how to make wonderful things out of any kind of dream. Any nightmare is a gift to explore a whole new world with a new experience.
There is an exception for nightmares: People suffering personality disorder, and have nightmares due to their problem, cannot be helped through lucidity.

To sum up, it seems there is a lot going on while we are dreaming, and I almost experienced most of them and did not know there is a name for each of them. For me dreams have always been a fun and enjoyable subject. Knowing about what exactly is going on in our active brain while we are asleep is fantastic. Maybe in the waking life (I learned this word from Scientists) we are limited, and we are not able to make everything possible, but our brain is capable of turning us to a wizard, whatever is doable with our magic wand: Imagination.

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