Essay on I Am Thinking Of A Sen Education

Essay on I Am Thinking Of A Sen Education

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I was thinking of a SEN education as one of the many programs that were way too expensive for absolutely no reason, and that they neglected to push students academically; holding the students to low expectations, but I’ve learned that those were just common misconceptions when dealing with deaf education. Sending students who have a hearing disability to a Sen school allows them to be surrounded those who have similar needs, thus making them feel as though they do not appear different. The students would be able to be engaged with others in smaller class sizes with a curriculum that matched closely to their learning styles and strengths. There are also more opportunities for the student to have one-on-one connections with the instructors.
The idea that people are turning away from this system of educating students with a deafness or hearing impairment is quite frightening. It wasn’t until 1817 when the United States decided to address the issue of special education, by opening the first ever school for special needs in Hartford, Connecticut called the American Asylum for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb; now referred to as the American School for the Deaf. If it were not for the first Deaf Institution that was established in the United States; Deaf Culture would not be as far developed as it is today. The school provided training in English grammar, reading, writing, mathematics, religion, rules of conduct, and the first to provide vocational education. The school emerged itself in conducting primarily using sign language.
Education of the Deaf can be shown in two ways, mainstreaming and residential. With mainstreaming, the Deaf child is sent to a local school, primarily hearing, with an interpreter to be able to interact among...

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...eafness and hard of hearing should be a source of identity and pride for the sake of their well being. Deafness has become culture full of its own art, literature, film, language, and institutions. The deaf community stands for valuing the deaf children as the future of deaf people and Deaf Culture. Deaf Culture, therefore encourages the use of American Sign Language in addition to any other communication modalities the child may have. Identification with the Deaf community is a personal choice and is usually made independent of the individual’s hearing status, and the community is not automatically composed of all people who are Deaf or hard of hearing but those how have associations. With neglecting deaf students with the chance of being in a Sen school, Sign Day School, or any other schools that enforce deaf education, the loose their identity within Deaf Culture.

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