Essay on I Am The Outcast, Not From Cedar Rapids

Essay on I Am The Outcast, Not From Cedar Rapids

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Who is in our class? Are class is a blend of unique and sometimes bizarre people. This nonetheless allows us to come together as a group to broaden each individual’s knowledge of ideas and cultures. At the same time we need to be sensitive to other people. As I’ve done interviews it’s allowed me to see my peers upbringing and how they are the same or different than mine. This as a whole will allow us to be a more constructive class wellbeing considerate to other peoples’ past experiences.
The largely mutual thing I found among the four interviewees was that all of them are from the Cedar Rapids area. I am the outcast, not from Cedar Rapids. This means 4 out of 5 people are from Cedar Rapids. This tells you a lot about the class because if this is a constant trend, which insinuates only 3 to 4 students in the class are not from Cedar Rapids. As a consequence of this it would be insensitive of me to talk about how Cedar Rapids reeks and how much I loathe this city, but an illustrious scene is not what lures people to Kirkwood.
One of the foremost reasons people are coming to Kirkwood is to leave with a career in the field of their desire. For some they entered Kirkwood knowing what they wanted to go into, such as Adam Smith, but his path isn’t the most conventional one. He went to UNI straight out of high school. While attending UNI he was unable to determine upon a major. Therefore he ended up departing with a major in Liberal Studies. This secured him a job at HTC Printer Products in the sales department, in a position similar to Jim Halpert. He soon realized this wasn’t the life for him. Consequently after a year of work, he elected to return to school and get a degree in Web Technologies.
Haley Jones also came to Kirkwood wit...

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...o a catholic school, so his view on issues might be different, than say Kyle whose graduating class was only 60 and mine was over 400. You have to understand that they might not be used to such big classes and have to talk in front of such a loud crowd. They could become nervous and we must be patient so to allow them to be comfortable in the class.
In my essay we can view my fellow peers and see how unique we are as class. With all our differences, it can make it harder to coincide with one another. You might see this as a problem and perhaps sometimes it might be. However we can also use this as a building block as individuals to become a more well-rounded and cultured human. So if you hear something you don’t agree with, just remember to open your mind, because you just might be learning something new. If there is one thing we can agree on “Pizza is life” (Jones).

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