Essay on I Am Thankful For A New State Of Thinking

Essay on I Am Thankful For A New State Of Thinking

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Everyone has that one story, or that one memory that really sticks with us throughout our years. Some of these stories and memories might change the way a person thinks or acts. It’s funny to think that certain situations can change viewpoints and alter the mind into a new state of thinking. This story for me was the day I was saying goodbye to my father for a year. I never realized how the absence of a family member can make you feel empty and vulnerable until I was crying in a hotel room after returning back from my father 's departure. I learned many lessons from this event in my life and I am thankful for that, however this is many years later. At the time, this news was heartbreaking to a 3rd grader, and I definitely did not take it very good.
My siblings and I did not take the announcement well the first time we heard about his calling to duty. My parents had called all of us children into the kitchen one evening to discuss something. I was puzzled about what could possibly be so urgent. The news hit me hard. It hit me harder than ocean waves crashing into the shore. Being onl...

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