I Am Suspect Most Of Us Have Heard Our Parents Say It Essay

I Am Suspect Most Of Us Have Heard Our Parents Say It Essay

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I suspect most of us have heard our parents say it….”I hope you have kids and they turn out just like you”. Or “You are just like your mother/father”. The dreaded words all kids, teenagers and young adults hate to hear. I heard these on more than one occasion growing up as I’m sure most of you have. I think in some way we all turn out a little like our parents.
I was raised by my maternal grandparents and their constant disappointment in my mother was always a topic of conversation. Don’t get me wrong they loved my brother, sister and I, but, I think we were actually a constant reminder of our mother. I remember one time in particular I was mad about something although I cannot remember what, I was very mad! I swung my long hair over my shoulder and stomped off to my room running my mouth like I had a tendency to do. My grandmother yelled to my back “You are just acting just like your mother did at your age”. That was amazing to me since I had spent virtually no time with her, but it was apparent that my mother did indeed have children who acted just like her. I remember my grandmo...

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