I Am Rotating Through Fast Track Essay

I Am Rotating Through Fast Track Essay

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On Thursday June 23, 2016 I was rotating through fast track when I came across an incident that involved a 27-year-old African American female patient. This young woman arrived at the emergency department suffering severe lower back pain, which was exacerbated while walking. She stated that she bent over to grab something out of the floorboard of her vehicle, and upon standing back up she felt an aching pain throughout her lower back. I walked in the room to find out more information on why she was at the ED. The patient proceeded to explain the story that I listed above. I asked her if she had pain anywhere else, and she said “No, but my back is hurting really bad, can you get me pain meds already”? I asked her to rate her pain and she stated it was a solid 10. For the next few minutes or so, the patient moaned and groaned in her room. The doctor went in to examine the patient, and stated that he felt no need to X-ray her at this time. He ordered Rocephin and Toradol injections to be administered in her buttocks.
I went in the room, along side my nurse, to administer the injections, and the patient seemed to get very agitated and said “I am not getting any shots in my butt”! I explained to the patient that this is what the physician ordered and it will help her. She continued to get upset and stated “I am not getting no shots in my butt, so you guys need to give me something else”. At this moment I went and got the physician and explained to him the situation. The nurse and physician went into the patient’s room to find out what is going on. From here she repeated the same things she said to me. Patient still refused the medication, and so the nurse told her that they “don’t just give out pain meds around here”. The nurse told t...

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...f ethics was put in place partially for this reason, to make sure our patient’s have top of the line care. When a patient comes in and states they are in pain, they should be treated as if they are in pain. If a patient declines a medication due to the route and location, then the nurse and physician should work together to form another option. A patient should never be sent away without being treated first. One recommendation I would make is to form an algorithm for pain treatments, just as they do for cardiac arrest. That way when a patient comes in and declines the first option, there is a protocol in place that includes other options. I would also recommend transferring the patient to another unit to be treated if fast track does not have the resources. The patient should also be informed of the treatment right away before making them sit and wait for nothing.

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