Essay about I Am Really Bad At Math

Essay about I Am Really Bad At Math

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Many people struggle with who they are. Some people use those awkward teen years to figure it out while others may have had such a hard childhood that they don’t figure it out until they’re adults. As a part of this week’s curriculum we were assigned a test to get to know ourselves better and to get a better grasp on strengths, weaknesses, and how we learn. I felt the test was rather basic as opposed to a test such as the Myers Briggs test, which is way more in-depth than the “survey” I just took. Regardless of my feelings on the test, it was very helpful. In the following paragraphs I will elaborate on what these strengths and weaknesses are and how I plan to further myself using this new found information on this academic journey.

Mathematics, listening, adaptation, emotional control/self management and understanding technology are my five weaknesses (Bethel University, 2014). I am really bad at math because it is just so difficult to study as the only way to study is to do the math; and the same rings true for understanding technology. Math and technology are both skills that everyone needs. Listening, adaptation, and self management all go hand in hand. For example, sometimes because I don’t listen, I’m unable to make the changes that need to take place so then my emotions are not positive. The recurring pattern here, is I do not do well with things that require patience (math and technology) or stopping to listen.

As previously stated in several other statements I’ve made or have written down, my strengths are: reading, writing, speaking, researching and determination (Bethel University, 2014). I will do anything I put my mind to. Being able to research a topic, read for comprehension so I can write about it, and speak i...

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... out of school for academic dishonesty. Once labeled as a dishonest student, especially from a Christian college, it will be very hard to further your education after that point. Going to the end of a piece that you have read and seeing the sources not only let you that what was read is more fact based, it allows the reader to reference the sources used and further their reading on that topic if so desired.


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